Foot Rejuvenation

Reflexology & Foot and Leg Treatment
60 min

Soak your feet in a combination of Glacial purifying cleanser, Nettle, Seaweed concentrate and Clay. While your feet are soaking your worries away you will receive a relaxing hand massage. Green Tea & Seaweed Salt Glow exfoliating and opening the meridians with light strokes along the foot and leg. Warmed Seaweed and Glacial Clay Mask is massaged into the legs and feet and then removed with warm towels. Indian Spice serum is massaged into the leg and foot with hot Jade stones, after wrapped in warm towels, as the serum soaks in you will receive a relaxing neck and shoulder massage. Finishing off with reflexology and Seaweed Body Butter. Light on your feet, you will be dancing on your way.